Squadron Resources: Initiative Exercises

Note that all material below was designed for use in areas used by 722 Squadron for exercises, and so may not be suitable for use in other locations without major modifications.

Serial No.Exercise NameFiles:
INI-015-01"Sheep Pen"Download MS Word version
INI-015-02"Relief Aid Minefield" 
INI-015-03"River Crossing #1"Download Postscript version
INI-015-04"Rupert"Download MS Word version
INI-015-05"Food Chain"Download MS Word version
INI-015-07"Special Forces map"Download MS Word version
INI-020-01"Frogs"Download MS Word version
INI-020-02"River #1"

The serial number is made up as follows:

The first three characters, INI, mean it is an INItiative exercise.
The three characters after this indicate the approximate duration of the activity in minutes, eg. 090 = 90 minutes.
The last two digits are an activity number, used to index activities of the same type, location and duration.