Squadron Resources: Lectures

Note that some material below may become invalid or out-of-date and may require some modification before use.

Serial No.SubjectFiles:
LEC-FLD-01Fixed Sentry PostsDownload MS Word version
LEC-FLD-03Hand Signalling 
LEC-NAV-01Navigation with compass onlyDownload MS Word version
LEC-NAV-060-02Navigation with map only 
LEC-TNT-060-01Basic Tentcraft (2-man Marine Arctic) 

The serial number is made up as follows:

The first three characters, LEC, mean it is a LECture.
The next three characters indicate the type of lecture:

The three characters after this indicate the approximate duration of the lecture in minutes, eg. 090 = 90 minutes.
The last two digits are a lecture number, used to index lectures of the same type, location and duration.