Squadron Resources: Information & Forms

Note that some of the information may not be relevant for your unit, so treat this material mainly as a guideline for creating your own forms and posters.

Serial No.DescriptionFiles:
ACF-722-01Absence SlipDownload MS Word version
ACF-722-02Regular Absences SlipDownload MS Word version
ACF-722-03Uniform Inspection SheetDownload MS Word version
ACF-722-04ACP Manual IssueDownload MS Word version
ACF-722-05Rifle Marksman sheetDownload MS Word version
ACF-722-06Swimming Proficiency sheetDownload MS Word version
ACF-722-07JNCO contractDownload MS Word version
ACF-722-08SNCO contractDownload MS Word version
ACF-722-09ACP Examination Practice SheetDownload MS Word version
ACF-722-10Expedition Route CardDownload MS Word version
ACF-722-11Attendance BoardDownload MS Word version
ACF-722-12Fire BoardDownload MS Word version
ACI-722-01722 Squadron-specific paperwork listn/a
ACI-722-02Initial Kit IssueDownload MS Word version
ACI-722-03ATC Camp Kitlist (cadet)Download MS Word version
ACI-722-04Exercise Safety Brief: RMB ChivenorDownload MS Word version
ACI-722-05Exercise Safety Brief: Braunton BurrowsDownload MS Word version
ACI-722-06Correct Dress for Activities
ACI-722-07Staff Contact numbersn/a
ACI-722-08NCO Contact numbersn/a

The serial number is made up as follows:

The first three characters: ACF = Air Cadet Form, ACI = Air Cadet Information.
The second three digits show that it is a 722 squadron document.
The last two digits are an index number.