Outside the hut

This is the cadet hut. Clicking on the sign in front of the hut will give you the history & future plans for the hut. From the front of the hut, you can walk through the door in front of you to enter the hut, turn right to go towards the hangar, or turn left to see the rifle range in the distance.

The corridor

From the starting point, the corridor is straight through the door in front of you. There is nothing of interest in the corridor at the moment.

The staff office

The office is where most of the staff keep their information, training aids, etc. These resources are kept in the filing cabinet behind the door. On the wall is the map which shows all the ATC units we have links with. On the desk is our guest book which any visitors to the squadron can sign. We also allow visitors to look through the book to see who else has signed it.


Stores has nothing for you at the moment.

The NCO room

The NCO room is out of bounds until further notice.

Surplus stores

The other store room is locked.

The main hall

The main hall is where most cadets can get their information from. If they forget which flight they're in, they can look at the fireboard on the wall to remind them. The wall planner on the main notice board acts as a diary for the cadets, telling them what is programmed for the next few months. Around the wall are photos from past Easter & Summer Camps.

The end (canteen) room

The end room, where the cadets can relax during canteen breaks. In here is the photo board, showing photos from various activities that Chivenor has taken part in.

The canteen

The canteen is closed at the moment.

The hangar

The hangar does not actually belong to us. It belongs to 624 Volunteer Gliding School. Inside you will find a Vigilant T1, which is one of the aircraft that the Corps uses for gliding (despite it having a motor).

The rifle range

This is the range at Chivenor. It is a 25 metre outdoor range, and is where our cadets do the vast majority of their shooting.