Volume I, Issue 6
Nov/Dec 1999

CO's Corner

CO's Corner
The Squadron is growing - we currently have 43 enrolled cadets, and with new probationers we total over 50.

I have received numerous comments about the very smart and excellent turn-out at the remembrance parade (33 cadets - the largest total ever). Well done.

During the recent examinations in November, 11 of our cadets got passes or partial passes: particular congratulations go to Sgt. Jordan with a credit at Senior level, and to Cdt. Layland with a credit at Leading level.

Finally, may I take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year.

Propeller Rededicated (Finally)

The propeller rededication service, originally planned for 25th September, finally took place on Saturday 13th November.

The propeller is from a Wellington bomber, believed to have crashed locally during World War II. It was previously located outside the RAFA Club on Chivenor, but when the club relocated after the closure of RAF Chivenor, the future of the propeller looked uncertain. 1146 D/F (as we were then) stepped in and offered to take the propeller. After over 50 years, however, the propeller was in terrible condition, and it has taken many hours of hard work by P/O Cole and Leading Fireman Jeff Thomas to restore the propeller to its current state. The propeller is now mounted on a plinth outside the cadet hut.

The RAF Association, 722 Squadron ATC, the Commander Logistics RM, and representatives from 22 Squadron RAF, 59 Squadron RE and 624 VGS attended a short service of rededication for the propeller in its new location, during which 624 VGS performed a fly-by.


The security state at Chivenor has been upgraded recently, and so it is even more important that you carry your RAF 3822s with you on all ATC activities. Remember that it is the only official ID that shows you are a member of the ATC.

From now on, we will regularly be performing spot-checks at the guardroom to make sure that you have your 3822 with you. If you don't have it with you, you will be sent home.

Also, make sure that your 3822 has a passport-style photo of you in the front. Without a photo, the 3822 will not be valid.


The Survival Game

By Cdt M Byrne & Cdt L White

On 21st November, 18 cadets and 2 adult staff went paintballing for the afternoon at Yarnscombe. We were issued with coveralls and head gear to save any major injuries, and after splitting into our two teams, Red and Blue, we went off into the the woods with 100 or more paintballs each and fought out 5 tiring games, each with a different objective. There was a break between each game to stock up on paintballs.

Everyone had great fun, even when they got shot!! The weather was on our side - it stayed dry all day - and although it was a bit cold to start with, everyone soon warmed up.

P/O Cole should be organizing another paintball trip in the new year, so if you missed out this time I suggest you go next time because everyone that went had a fantastic afternoon.

624 VGS Flying High!

Congratulations to 624 Volunteer Gliding School, RMB Chivenor, who recently won the following three trophies:

"British Aerospace Trophy", for the best gliding school.

"Venture Trophy", for the best Vigilant gliding school.

"Air League Challenge Cup", for winning the Air League Challenge competition.

Examinations (don't groan)

The end of the year means that it's time to start thinking about the cadet exams coming up next March. We'll start issuing the ACPs to everyone as soon as possible so that you can all get started on your next classification.

Due to the large numbers of cadets, you will need to do most of your studying in your own time. Help will be available from Staff Cadets and some members of staff, and the occasional lesson may be given if there is a particular section causing problems for a lot of cadets. A set of tests should also be available in the new year.

Can I urge everyone to look once again at home for any ACPs they may have lying around, since supplies of some books are running low.

Squadron Sport

Congratulations to the following cadets:

Cpl. Huckstep, who was awarded "Best Male Sports Cadet in the Wing 1999".

Cdt. Bailey, who represented the Wing at senior netball.

Cdts Bailey, Barney, Dymond & Ward, who are the Wing's champion junior female cross-country team; particularly to Cdt. Bailey, who has also been selected as junior female reserve for SW Region.

Squadron Diary

(NB. Programme is subject to change)

Sunday 5th December
Rifle shooting, RMB Chivenor. Times to be arranged.

Thursday 16th December
Superbowl/MegaZone. Subject to level of interest. The cost of the evening will be 6.95, for which you will get one game of bowling, one game of MegaZone, a meal, admission and shoe hire. We will require a deposit of 5 before we book the evening. There will be no evening run at Chivenor, unless Superbowl is cancelled. Arrival and dismissal will be from the Superbowl.

Monday 20th December
The Christmas Party, The Hive, Chivenor. Times to be arranged. Fancy dress, disco, party games, party games, food, etc. The SODS opera will also be held at the party.

Thursday 6th January 2000
First cadet evening of the new year. Working Blue uniform. Normal times.

Friday 7th January 2000
Sports evening, Barnstaple Leisure Centre. Times to be arranged. Arrival and dismissal will be at the Leisure Centre.



Which of the following aircraft does NOT appear in the grid above? (Answer will be in the next issue)


On 20th September, 722 Squadron said goodbye to Ned Kelly. Ned has been associated with the Squadron for a long time and, among other things, produced all of the previous newsletters. Ned has moved on (with a promotion) to RAF Lyneham, where he will work in Air Traffic Control with RAF Hercules aircraft.

Everyone here at Chivenor want to thank him for all the assistance he has given, especially with visits to the SAR Squadron, and we wish him well and hope to see him again sometime in the future.

Well, that's it for my first newsletter. If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve the newsletter, or on things that should be included or left out, do not hesitate to speak to me. Also, I urge you all (cadets and staff) to submit anything you think will be of interest. The more input I receive, the better I can make this newsletter.

The next newsletter should hopefully be out towards the start of February.

AWO Hoole