Volume I, Issue 2
Mar/Apr 1999

CO's Corner

CO's Corner
Flt Lt Phil Powell

It is important for cadets to keep on top of their subs. The current rate is 50p per week, whether you attend or not. It is proposed that this will increase on April 1st but you will be notified in advance. All subs that are owing MUST be paid by April 1st.
There are 10 adventure training weekends and camps coming up over the next few months so keep a look out on the notice board for more information. Being the first to put your name down does not guarantee you a place, however, because places are allocated evenly so if you've not put your name down, do it soon.

1146 Paint the Town (well, just the shelter)

On Feb 14th the shelter at the Recreation Ground, Braunton was given a make-over by staff and cadets of the Squadron. Cpl Shanes and Cdt Osborn can be seen here helping Flt Lt Powell and Plt Off Cole paint the shelter helped, of course, by Jess. Unfortunately just three days after they had spent the weekend hard at work on the shelter it had been vandalised by graffiti artists again.
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Not Available What's this? Chivenor's answer to the Millennium Dome? The plans for Darth Vader's new Death Star? A rather large green egg has been deposited on the softball pitch outside the Squadron. Thanks to 59 Commando we now have a weather proof covering so that restoration work can be carried out on the Wellington Bomber's propeller blade. The blade will eventually become a memorial outside the hut. There will be more on this project in future issues.


to the cadets who were recently promoted - Cpl Byrne, Shanes, Rafferty, Furneaux, Jordan and to F/Sgt Thomas.

Happy 18th

Also congratulations to Cdt Sgt Furneaux who was 18 on February 23rd.


What Is It?
It's competition time again and we want to know what this is a picture of. Write your answers, funny or otherwise, on a piece of paper with your name on it and hand it in to the admin office.


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It was cold, dark, windy and wet. But that didn't stop 20 of Chivenor's cadets and two members of staff camping out for the night at the airfield. The Saturday afternoon was fine. A little cold, maybe, but dry. Everyone lined up to be issued with their tent, plate, cutlery, mess tins, ration packs and, most importantly, a camp stove to cook on. The hard work started straight away with everyone giving a hand to put the tents up (with a few personal modifications). Then it was down to cooking tea. The ration packs provided a varied choice of meal before setting off on the night exercise. Then it was a hot cup of soup before bed. The endless chattering did keep one or two awake during the night (and it wasn't from the sparrows!). It was up nice and early to the sound of rain pounding on the tents as everyone made breakfast. The Sunday was spent on the rifle range before returning to dismantle the tents. The weekend gave some cadets their first taste of a night under canvas and the general view was that the weekend was fun. It is hoped that there will be more camp-outs in the future - hopefully the weather will be a lot drier then.
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Wow - someone's had a night on the town. Is this our very own Sgt Furneaux or Neil from The Young Ones?


By Cdt Sgt Powell
Not Available On Sunday 28th Feb I travelled to Boscombe Down to represent Devon Wing in the senior hockey team. It was the first round of the Inter-Wing Championship and we played against Dorset and Wiltshire Wing. The half-time score was 10-0 and the full-time score 16-0 to Devon. 7 out of the 11 players scored goals and this result takes us through to the 2nd round which is at RAF Lyneham on 21st March.