The "Black Falcons"

27th November 2000
Report by AWO Hoole

After an intensive weekend, 722 Squadron now has it's own special force of Field Survival Experts, the "Black Falcons".

Only 9 cadets were allowed to try to prove their abilities on Operation: Black Falcon, a weekend exercise designed to test the determination, resourcefulness, and skill of the participants.

Armed with only the most basic set of equipment, the cadets had to complete a night exercise, a navigation exercise, 2 camps, several initiative exercises and a tactical shoot. They performed this with minimal sleep and survival rations only, and by the end of the weekend course, all of the cadets were completely drained.

Those cadets that successfully completed the exercise have now earned the "black falcon", a special beret badge which only they are entitled to wear on certain authorised squadron activities. The highest-scoring cadet also receives a Black Falcon patch, to wear on their DPM kit.

The exercise results are as follows:

Cdt Sgt Shanes722-A71%
Cdt Blayney722-A74%Top Falcon
Cdt Cushion722-A
Cdt White, C.722-A70%
Cdt Cpl Cann722-B
Cdt Cpl Shearsby722-B
Cdt Denyer722-B
Cdt Osborn722-B
Cdt Thrush722-B