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The Red Barrows

©1998 722 Sqn ATC
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The Red Barrows formed originally in 1996, as Chivenor's new carnival display. The original team helped design the original display programme, with the aid of some Red Arrows books containing details of the popular formations, and also to paint the wheelbarrows in their distinctive red colours. In it's first season, the Barrows performed at the majority of North Devon's carnivals and fairs, and picked up a few awards along the way.

It was intended that the Barrows would only perform for one season, but by popular demand (both from cadets and carnival organisers) the Red Barrows reformed in 1997, albeit with a different team of cadets.

Now in it's fourth season, the Barrows are still very popular, with requests coming in from all over the county to perform at events. The current team has made several excursions into South Devon to perform at other major events. Even when they are not performing, the barrows are put on static display next to our recruiting stand.

However, 1999 is the last year that the Barrows will perform. After four years of displays, the Squadron is looking for a new display for 2000 that hopefully will be as popular and as memorable as The Red Barrows.

Latest News!
After much demand from the cadets, the Red Barrows may be reforming in 2001. The plan is to redesign the look of the barrows and add several new formations to the display. No definite information is available yet, but as soon as there is some definite news, it will be posted to the site.

News 9th October 2000
The teams have now been picked for the 2001 display season. Plans are still being made about how to update the Barrows for the new year, but hopefully there will be some quite significant changes to the look of the team, plus the routines performed.