Night Exercises

Report by AWO Hoole

One of the more physical aspects of cadet training comes in the form of the Night Exercise. Most Exercises at Chivenor are run in one of three areas: either on RMB Chivenor's airfield, in the hills around Braunton, or on the MOD training area at Braunton Burrows.

In the course of their training at 722 Squadron, cadets are taught skills such as camouflage & concealment, silent patrolling, navigation, campcraft, radio communications, and many other skills. The night exercises we run give the cadets the chance to put much of their theoretical training into practice.

The average exercise lasts between 1½ and 2 hours, although we do occasionally run exercises up to 4 hours in length; usually as part of an overnight camp.

Some of our exercises are available for download in the resource section of the 722 Zone.